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This is just the kind of exchange I was hoping for!!!

Olam, the best place I have found for orgonite supplies (mainly crystals) is here:
Great prices.
If you need a source for Lemurian seed crystals, I can direct you to a guy on ebay. PM if interested.
unlimited mind - The website above also sells magnets.

What I find so exciting about orgonite, with or without the addition of magnets, coils, minerals, sacred geometry, etc, is that the possibilities are virtually endless.

Also, up to 70% of orgonite's effectiveness comes from how it is cured. Using intention, crystals to charge, frequency generators, energy work, etc greatly increases the strength of your new creation.

There is a fantastic ebook that covers the basics plus a bit more. IMO It is a must read if you are making orgonite:
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