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Originally Posted by Olam View Post
OK, this is a timely thread for me as I am experimenting right now on something new, well at least, I think its new...I have not come across something like I want to do.
In the spirit of sharing, I will give out a bit of the stuff I have put together.

So, in working with orgone, you can build a number of items that pertain to either transfering dead orgone or bad energy to good energy, these are the Holy hand grenades. You can also build some "Tower busters", all this info is easily found on the net.
Michael St-Clair has his own way of producing what he calls Resonators, they are beautiful works of art but are also very powerful "personal energy creators".
What I am trying to do is to put together a combination of elements to purify and vitalize dead water.
All the water that is sold in plastic bottles have the same problems, first, if the water has been in the bottle for a while, it looses its vitality and life, the oxygen gets dilluted. Also, it most certainly has emanations from the actual plastic bottle.
That is why I always use a glass jar to hold water.
Now I won't go in great details about everything that Im doing but basically, I am using a combination of Mandelas, crystals,minerals, and intentions thru written word to form a base that you put your glass jar on.
The Orgone part of the equation is handled like a traditional hand grenade, then the Mandela and written word/prayer work on the other part that can be related to the work of Masaru Emoto on the effects of thought and positive energy on water.
As far as selling these, well like my healer friend always said
"True healing does not have a price", so I will give these in exchange for a donation of your choice.
I am only in the begining phases of this, so I have nothing to offer right now, but I should in a month or so.
very nice. i look forward to hearing more about this.

i have been experimenting with making small devices for necklaces or pockets, and also for pets. do you have any experience with using the rare earth magnets in your devices? i think this would be a really great way to form energy loops between the crystals and minerals (as a way to move the energy within the device).

i say this because i would like to make more or a sculpture shaped like a dna spiral, with more than two helix. i have someone that will make me the mold, but he hasnt decided on barter, he wants 1200.00 for the mold.

i was thinking that where the helix meet you could add a mineral/crystal sphere at those intersecting points. within this same device place small coils made from twisted copper wire with these magnetic circuits described above between them. not very easy to explain this, hehe. the base of it could be something like one of your plates but maybe on a bigger scale.

i had 3 dreams about this device before a Peru trip.

thanks for sharing what you can about your device. look forward to more discussion about this.
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