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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

Dear Norval and Gale -

There are many of us in this forum who do not post on certain subjects. For me your presence here is so needed. I am not qualified to judge what you say is right or wrong. I find everything you have posted just seems to resonate so much with how I feel deep inside - It is like a massive bolder ((((could be a meteorite !))))has been lifted from my heart.

There are people who live close to me who are devout "born again's" and have put the pressure on, on several occasions - ( I see it for what it is - and when the "End Times" arrive they will wake up)

Your information, as I see it, is such an important part to all the dots that we are collectively connecting here. So I would ask that none of us let our BIG EGO's get in the way and let the rolling stone of the REAL TRUTH gather all the moss and clear the Blue Planet of all the **** we have had to crawl our way through - WE all chose to be here at this time - so be it -Lets get on with the job in hand.

Remember the one's who are on this forum are a tiny minority of the 6.8 Billion so let's not stuff it up as we approach the FUN PART !!

Thank -You both for sharing your knowleage Norval and Gale - Paul R (Pomguymguy)
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