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Default Radio show today & Project Camelot Site (Both .com & .org) Down

I feel so lucky that I was the "first caller" on todays radio show.

I came by here to make sure that of all the posts I have put up here there was the history of how I know from my own life that our "Air Force" has tried to "keep a lid" on the fact that off world visitors have come here time and time again.

The story here is that both of the links to get to the project camelot site is down. Just wanted to let you all know that YES This is a real person who in fact you could say my "story" could be a movie.

One thing I did want to say today before my statment was turned into a "Question" is something that I have told both Bill and Kerry, by e-mail. I know that for me time will stop on Dec. 21 2012. I will reach what can be called a ripe old age on that Date... So heads up.. have plans to remember I will no longer count "TIME" once we hit that date.

Between now and then... Leave me a message if you would like to see those two and maybe even Mr. Green would show up.. Get to me and I will see about a North Idaho area workshop type meeting.. ( Spokane, Washington airport would be the fly in place. )
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