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Default Re: What Do You Find Most Compelling?

I just wanted to issue a hearty THANK YOU to everyone that responded. It's tough to find REAL and intelligent discussion on this phenomenon without being bombarded by narrow minded skeptics or complete wackos.

I will say that the Shuttle stuff I have been familiar with for some time. It's source of constant scientific debate, but my personal stance on it is that it represents clear evidence of UFO activity.

I am not convinced that the Tether footage that Sereda's presentation elaborates on bears the scientific merit he proposes, but I remain more open minded about the footage than I do him as a researcher. I thought the world of him until he started his whole new age mumbo jumbo campaign. Who knows though, maybe he knows something the rest of us don't. I just think it's sad that he seemed so genuine at first and now is making some of the incredulously far fetched religious claims that he has.

The night vision material I had never seen before and that's simply stunning.

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