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Default Re: understanding and loving the animals here already

I agree with you in the fact that we all have animalistic instincts and that we are trapped in a cycle of stupidity we cant break out of. But we are just animals thats my point we are no better than a cow or a whale in the fact that we all have souls that progress when we die, where we go after is the choices you make in this life.
We are the same as other sentinent beings but we, can express ourself in a more distructive way. Its all about the opposable thumb. A whale canot prgress much further than it has, just swims around all day eating and thinking, contemplating and singing songs to other whales. For all we know there could be talking to aliens in their songs, about the humans ruining the sea.
And that they might be a higher life force than us. This is why we need to respect everything and look further than just our homosapian shell.
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