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Default Re: understanding and loving the animals here already

Wouldnt this be along the lines of some form of telepathic communication?

Ive heard of people who can talk with animals and even trees. I can communicate with my cat but only on a very basic level when my vibrations are pretty high, but all the same its communication none the less.

From what i know (which is probably all wrong lol) many of these alien races communicate telepathically. It would make more sense to communicate this way, you could explain an entire theory in one moment, vocal conversation would become obsolete.

Its not easy to develop this ability unless you have a willing participent who wants it as much as you. Me and my brother used to play a game where one of us would think of a shape and a color. And then we would try and guess it, we got to a stage where we were accurate 80% of the time. if we teach our children this from an early age you can imagine how quick they would learn.

The main stumbling block when trying to learn stuff like this is a persons belief system. And young children are less likely to have developed a strong belief system so would therefore be more effective at learning a skill like this.

Gawd, i do tend to ramble. sorry
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