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Default Re: fairies what do you think?

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
There are many things we picked up in this picture if you look to the left of the picture just off the side of my daughters head you will see two figures.
They look like spirit children to me it looks as though they are walking of together with their backs to us.
At the time there was no one there only us.
OK. Yes, I do see that. Where is the fairy playing the flute? And the one on the stump?

I have to say that I see things like this all the time, all around me. I've never known if it means anything. There is a stump out back that has been decaying for years. If I look at it quickly sometimes I'm absolutely certain I have seen an animal there, like a fox, maybe. Or I can watch trees moving in the wind and they become living creatures, not trees. Does this mean anything? Am I seeing the nature spirits behind the trees? Outside my kitchen window is a tree that has a branch shaped exactly like a flying lady, a woman with wings. Is this a fairy creature? I'm asking because I love these things but really have never known any more than that I like seeing them.
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