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Default Re: Custers last stand???

I'm kind of leaning with Seashore, If your not of person of a substantial net worth of cash wealth, what does it really matter how much gold/ silver you have . To me also you need to make it thru this even if you did want to cash in eventually and last I checked gold and silver don't mix with milk ?? Food and Protection means along with your basics.

In the small town I live in 50% of the population there don't have the means to stock up and gold and silver won't mean much if they didn't eat for 5 days and there sitting on a table was a sandwich and a bar of gold. Hmmmmm what would the choice be?

This week our treasury secretary Timmy Turbo Tax Geitner is running around the world trying to get countries to buy more U.S, debt. Wonder what the sales pitch will be this week??

2 1/2 months til the end of september, I know team avalon is on it so will just see.
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