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Default Re: fairies what do you think?

I see the female by the tree, I don't see the male one yet. Really neat picture though, all sorts of shapes in the trees.
I've never seen faeries myself but my mom always told us she used to see them.

Here is how HP Blavatsky describes them in one of her books:

"ELEMENTAL SPIRITS.- The creatures evolved in the four kingdoms of the earth, air, fire, and water, and called by the kabalists gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, and undines. They may be termed the forces of nature, and will either operate effects as the servile agents of general law, or may be employed by the disembodied spirits - whether pure or impure - and by the living adepts of magic, sorcery, to produce desired phenomenal results. Such beings never become men.

Under the general designation of fairies, and fays, these spirits of the elements appear in the myth, fable, tradition, or poetry if all nations, ancient and modern. Their names are legion - peris, devs, djins, sylvans, satyrs, fauns, elves, dwarfs, trolls, norns, nisses, kobolds, brownies, necks, stromkarls, undines, nixies, salamanders, goblins, ponkes, banshees, kelpies, pixies, moss people, good people, good neighbors, wild women, men of peace, white ladies, and many more. They have been seen, feared, blessed, banned, and invoked in every quarter of the globe and in every age. Shall we then concede that all who have met them were hallucinated?

These elementals are the principal agents of the disembodies but never visible spirits at seances, and the producers of all the phenomena except the subjective.

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