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Default Re: Galatic Federation and the Pleidians

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I keep saying Yes, I want you to come, PLEASE, come and help us to the Utube message - Do you want us to come - Yes, I Do. Now if there sitting all around the planet and billions down here have souls, and soul knows everything and resonates with the truth and guides us to the truth and the right path or helps to do that - then all our collective souls which are part of the one should be asking for them to help the planet and us who are being controlled - so if what I have put forth to you is true - wouldn't these ETs have at least one million souls saying yes for everyone's sake come, please help, crying out for that. Then why this message - Do you want us to come. I cant understand it, maybe you can help me understand this. Can you see what I am getting at here. Michael St Clair said the next few months will be relatively quiet - can anyone tell me here what he thinks - I thought he said he didn't hold to this October coming.
And yet many other sources are pointing to mass hysteria...
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