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Default Re: Galatic Federation and the Pleidians

Commander Adama sound a lot like BSG(Battlestar Galactica) to me... Where were they when WWII was on, where were they when innocent children got slaughtered in Iraq... where are they now while more and more children die each and everday around the world because of hunger and wars( not even mentioning adult deaths)....get real please... Now they wanna come out and release a peace message...sshhh!!! Think of these telephatic messages delivered before major wars or crisis to avoid further destruction and innocent deaths...

If this event happens, remind me my word; I will take my pants off and scream like crazy in the open public.

PS: Yes extra-terrestrials exists, NO, they will never come out to the open. This playground is ours and ours only. We are the ones to evolve here. They're just visitors watching us pets growup to their standarts.

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