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Default Re: Galatic Federation and the Pleidians

i been to alot of these sites and forums on matters such as alien beings and government cover ups etc,,,with that being said:

I do believe in life other then humans. I will even say that I'm sure some are living among us. There is way too much evidence from our own government concerning UFO's and such,,,etc...But how many time s are we going to see dates of alien beings coming to help humanity. And at the last minute, the energies aren't right, or there was a problem on planet "frick frack" and our alien friends need to postpone their earth visit. Not saying it won't ever happen, but I can't see higher form s of beings marking their calendars,,,"October 14 to 17,,,visit earth"


Not dissin nobody, I would love too see this happen, but it won't.
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