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Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
I think the true change that is needed is for a critical mass of people to stop being duped by lies and deception from the controllers.

Once that happens, things will fall into place.

If it happens, Alex will have had a lot to do with it.
People are sovereign. They can be duped and lied to all they like. It's their choice. Or they can choose to see what is, and stop being duped and lied to. People are not victims. That's just a silly notion. When I see a victim, I see someone who was sitting there planning their coming life, saying " I wonder what it would be like to pretend I don't know what's really going on, so I can have the experience of being duped and lied to. That might be fun, and maybe I can learn something from it."

This whole "poor us" mindset is such a farce when you really look at who and what we actually are. I think most people are quite done with the victim game by now.

You can not have an experience you didn't agree to on some level. And that goes for all the worst things you can imagine too. Yes, this is a foreign viewpoint to a 3D mind. But that doesn't make it any less true.

You want the controller monkey off your back? then reclaim your sovereignty. You don't need to ask for permission, or fight anyone or anything in order to do it. You simply do it and then it is done, and you are now certified dupe and lie free.

The supporting structures for this game of controller/controlled are dissolving at an ever quicker pace. Some people need the alarm clock to ring louder and more often as the game we're used to is in it's death throws. And Alex Jones plays a part in that. He makes a pretty good alarm clock. As opposed to the "I know a secret, and when enough spot lights are on me, and my book deal and movie rights are contracted for, I may share the first installment with you", whistleblowers. All that says is that they claim to have uncovered some lie or duping, and want to clue the rest in, (for some minor consideration). (No I'm not callous, and I do realize there are many who come forward in an effort to clean some Karma, or to speed the ending of the Top down wealth/power paradigm which is now terminal anyway. I'm referring to the whistleblower movement or meme.)

The way things are made to fall into place, is for people to do their personal work, and clear their outstanding issues and confusions, and Karmic debts out of their space. Then they won't stay stuck in these silly "look what those bad guys are doing to us" games that are the bread and butter of 3D earth life.

I believe most have already moved on, and are just still participating out of reflex or habit.

I don't mind Alex Jones doing what he does, because he's just loud and in your face enough to catch some peoples' attention, who'd normally walk right by, and He's usually pretty good about having his info straight. And like someone else said, his sites are a good place to check in if you want to know the latest gossip, er I mean, News.
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