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Actually the very first interview he did with David Icke was awful. He didn't want to talk about the retilians and he even made fun of some of the things. I was so dissapointed that day.

David is such a gentlemen and I was "shocked" that he went back on Alex Jones show and that interview was totally different. Alex showed nothing but the upper most respect for David.

You know I think everyone changes and even I thought David was looney as a fruit cake when he talked about retilians I was so angry at my son for telling me to listen to this man. It took me 5 years to understand and fully comprehend that David Icke was telling the truth.

Alex Jones has and probally will always stick to government issues but I think he knows the truth. Jesse Ventura, past gov of my state and Willie Nelson have been guess on Alex Jones and I believe they both know but not a word said.

So Alex is doing us a great service by doing what he knows best and sticking to it.

I have seen him break down and people call him a cry baby on video and its dissapointing. Alex is a very warm person that is working very hard to get the truth out of 9/11 and so many other things that are important
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