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Default Re: The red illumination of the night sky...

A couple more things. I appreciate all of your comments and input, the feeling I get to actually unveil these thoughts and having people actually digest it into their heart is a refreshment I have needed. Peace and Love.

I feel that "elitism" doesn't have to be of race, religion, or creed. It only needs a hollow vessle to be bought into. The evil, corrupt power that destroys the human soul.

I want to state more on my own case, and my feeling of the "Elitist" Human cult I feel has been breed by the NAZI banking system. Things that are so powerful, it's like you said Warrior Servant, it is even hard to believe for myself....please bear with my words.

I was adopted. Recently, I have started the process and journey to find my "biological Parents." Normally, I would never share this info about myself, but with the sequence of events so far, what has happened, adds up to nothing more than a huge cover up of some kind... about where I really am from. The only thing I can add on this, to provide an example, is that I was told by my adoptive parents that my biological mother attended a certain University. When I contacted that University, they told me there was no record of that person ever attending the school, in the database, or yearbooks.

I can not say anything more on this because the search is not over, but all doors I have opened so far, have smashed the truth of what I was told my whole life by a family that I love so much, that is not my blood.

I need to ramble on...

I have had these unexplainable experiences, like there is someone with me. Not the big brother, "someone watching me" but someone is "with me." I have had run ins with the law, over petty things like smoking herb, and there is this huge message that I need to run, I should not trust anybody in my immediate vicinity, because I have always been honest about my liberties, and when that happens, i find nothing but trouble, and the elitist mentality that tries to strip me of my soul.

I trust my instincts deeply, for example a kid that I rode the bus with in grade school used to terrorize everyone. The first day I met him, I got this sick twisted feeling inside of me, and I stared at him as he made fun of someone, but he sat down and shut up just by me looking at him. Just a year or so ago, this same "kid from the bus" killed his own mother, a hooker, and tried to kill himself, but survived. Since then, many suicides, murders, and just very strange deaths that don't make any sense.

My instincts lately tell me of many many bad things that have been brewing for a very long time, and the speed of which is only getting faster. I live in Chicago, a town I love, but recently when I was in the presence of a large group in the City, I couldn't help but feel as if I was in NAZI Berlin. Obama's home town..... I am getting out of hand...........These are nothing but feelings. I only share them to get them out me, so they can be destroyed. I hope I am wrong.
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