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Default Re: The red illumination of the night sky...

Warrior Servant, thanks for your analysis. It is very very helpful to me. To clarify a few things.

First off, I appreciate your honesty about Chicago. It is something I have felt for awhile and the feeling grows stronger and stronger. I feel it truly is the new capital of the Nazi movement in our country. The huge mask of this whole situation is that this is not an ARYAN situation. Many many cultures have bought into the Darwinism ideals without even knowing it. THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. MONEY POWER MATERIAL. It is truly concerning.

I feel like there is someone with me. Actually, more like a group with me. In my teenage years, and early 20's, I had a very guilty conscience. I was a follower. I always went against my gut because I wanted so badly to "fit in." I wanted acceptance from my "friends." I soon, very harshly, discovered that I had no time left for excuses or fear.

I had a near death experience, directly stemming from my adoption feelings of abandonment and my fear of losing love. I was rushing and lost my direction, and During this experience, a strength overcame me, it was like a realization that millions of people before me have felt and fought for the same things, and they were all with me. I then started to connect the dots of everything that was happening to me. It was like I finally found my strength. I found the strength of a million men.

I am also beginning to think the "name" of my biological mother is an alias. I have awoken to a world surrounded by lies.

When I say that I feel like I need to run, I believe it is a feeling of running to something. In my youth, I truly was running FROM myself. Chasing the things that have no true value.

Now I feel like I have made this turn, and everyone is watching what I do. I feel like I need to run towards my faith and my belief, and those who believe will run alongside me. It's like if I stay neutral, like I was before, the world would destroy me. I need to keep moving towards what I believe, no matter what gets in my way.

I believe the truth is the sword that will pierce your heart, and those who deny the sword, will find there soul escape them. Those who accept the sword, shall find the strength to overcome.
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