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Default Re: UPDATE - 10/6/08 - Major Announcement by the Galactic Federation of Light

I wonder if you'll still be posting round the net if nothing happens on Oct 14th?...This seems like it is going to be another Zeta Talk bully, where Nancy claimed that Planet X or poleshift or whatever the heck they name it these days, was to take place during 2003. Well 2003 comes and goes and nothin', then she changed her mind and claimed that it wa a miscalculation of some sort and said that they were not going to announce dates anymore...I wonder what people like you will have to say if such things you claim never happen. (which I honestly believe its total...)

Man should start using his/her own brain before asking for help of the others. I wrote a comment previously on this subject somewhere here on Avalon, I'll try and add it here too...untill then...
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