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Default Re: UPDATE - 10/6/08 - Major Announcement by the Galactic Federation of Light

Originally Posted by Commander Adama View Post
It is not up to me to prove whether what I am saying is true or not. I am just writing what is talked about in meetings with my ET contacts. Proof is everywhere. It is all around is in our everyday lives. You just gotta look hard enough to find it.
You say that it is not up to you to prove what you are saying is true or not.
Do you want people to take you seriously?
If you are meeting with other beings, why can't you take a picture and settle this.
Then EVERYBODY would belive you.

Mr Billy Mier is a case in point, he has photo's, he has sounds, and he claims to have what you claim to have, messages from other beings.
So, to me, Billy is alot more credible than yourself. All you have is words and we can all provide them.
What is the point of your message?
Do you want this message to reach as many people as possable?
If the answer is yes, then why the mystery aspect, why not just PROVE yourself. It would be quite easy for you to do, would it not, if you are meeting with other beings on their ships? Lets see a photo of one of these ships.
If you did this, many many more people would recieve your message, would they not?
So, if you care to, please explain why not eh?

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