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Default Re: UPDATE - 10/6/08 - Major Announcement by the Galactic Federation of Light

Please, use Your discernment/intuition reading this post.
Galactic Federation of Light is not what they say they are. There are infiltration going on, not calling Commander Adama an infiltrator, thou i think Adama has been lied to by the darkness. Many people have experienced the same.
Sirius B, is the home world of the reptilian race, who are negative beings like Draco`s and the Grey`s.
Sirius A, where my spirit originates from, is a higher dimension stars system, 6th dimension. Sirius B beings might make first contact, thou i would stay far away from them, they are the masters of deceptions and lies. Beings from Sirius A would not make first contact, that would be a violation of the Galactic laws. Sirius A is a neutral star system, but working together with The Confederation of Free Planets, The Ashtar Command and others. These are beings from 5th dimension and above.
Beings from Sirius B, is from the 4th dimension, negative beings. Also the Greys, negative beeings, spirits after people who have done negative things when they lived, are in the 4th dimension.
Ships, our ships are Lightships, Sun cruisers, Medic ships, Explorer ships Warships and countless other ships. Some ships are so big that they can not enter the star system, some ships can transport planets from one location to another.
I know the darkness is using the name Ashtar Command alout. They do this to trick people into believing the lies the Federation of Darkness is behind. They also have a supercomputer in an orbit around the Earth, making some people crazy, giving people false information and much other negative stuff. One way to check out if the messages from The Ashtar Command is real and not lies produced by the darkness, is to see on the internet if the same messages pop up in different locations on this planet at same time. And of course, it`s important to use Your intuition when reading channeled messages. I`m not good at explaning things like this...sorry about that, so i reccomend those who are interested in this, to visit this website:
As a Spiritual being with an human experince, meaning born here on this planet as human, the galactic laws allows me to help people here.
NESARA, is a tool to fool people into believing in the lies the darkness is spreading. I have no pleasure to "debunking" the information given to us by Commander Adama, and i really hope Adama is not to deep into this. Many will tell they represent the light, thou they represent the darkness, so please, use Your own intuition, there will be many false information, lies and deceptions.
I hope You understand my english
Soon, there will be real Freedom and Peace on this planet.
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