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Default Re: UPDATE - 10/6/08 - Major Announcement by the Galactic Federation of Light

Originally Posted by GoingToFast View Post
This is just another scam, itīs just about the money, selling crap to gullible idiots.
He's not twisting anyone's arm... And the fact that he doesn't seem to care if he is believed or not says something. It's not about the MESSENGER it's about the MESSAGE... and if the message is BS, then so what. A waste of time yes, but you can't come to a decision until you think about it- It's thinking about it that matters. If it isn't true It wouldn't be any different than COUNTLESS other disinfo/BS campaigns that plague the UFO community.

I'm not saying one way or another if I believe it. I think I might have a good idea about his motives (though I'm going to keep them to myself). I could be wrong, but if what I think is right I have respect for the guy on that basis alone. Sorry to be cryptic.

But hey, it's not like the material he posts on here and elsewhere is a 'teaser' or a commercial for content you can buy on his site. From what I've seen what you pay for is personal interaction through conference calls or one-on-one call.

Whatever the case, at least Adama had the balls to give specific dates and explanations for if nothing happens. If it is all made up, he's only giving himself a short run... which if it was a scam, he'd be thinking about longevity. He could make a career out of this if he wants to, and maybe he will, he clearly seems to have certain talents. I just get the impression he wants the material to speak for itself and take it as you will.
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