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Default Re: UPDATE - 10/6/08 - Major Announcement by the Galactic Federation of Light

Originally Posted by theochennell View Post
I can't for the life of me understand why the ET's (if they intend to disclose their prescence) don't just break into a TV broadcast or post on the internet. Why give the information to someone to then have to pass on - knowing that the person is likely not to be believed anyway. It all seems like such an unreliable waste of time.
The answer to your question may be more than you asked for, and quite a ride. It all has to do with the ET's NOT violating our free will and is explained in the Billy Meier material, the Law of One, and other places.

For the benevolent ET's, it is in their charter, laws, rules, operational orders, or whatever you call it, that they can observe and interact, and educate and inform, so that we may become enabled to choose a better (less destructive) path for ourselves. But, they cannot violate the human free will to choose for himself or herself. These guardians or whatever they call themselves must agree to this as a condition to be accepted into service and take on the mission here on Earth.

Now, from what I have read, their ability to interfere does exist, but is very restricted. One example is they can forcefully remove other ET's who come from out there who begin to violate our free will with technology. This is in fact what has happened as reported in the Billy Meier material.

One other example is if our willful actions (messing with stuff we should not be messing with) were to destroy our biosphere or solar system, or somehow create far reaching negative consequences for other civilizations, solar systems, or galaxies, whether in this universe or parallel universes, then the ET's would interfere in that case also and take preventive measures.

According to the Law of One, this did not happen in the case of Kadek. Kadek was a planet in our system that once existed where only an asteroid belt now exists. These humanoids were on the technical level of the Atlanians here on Earth and through high tech warfare, actually blew up their planet without intervention from the guardian ET's. The now homeless eternal souls of the Kadek planet were eventually rounded up and brought to Earth by the federation ET's. As a collective, the Kadek group consciously agreed, as a karmic result of their actions, to accept an evolutionary step backwards and incarnate as higher animal forms instead of human forms. Thus, a burst of Neandrathals appeared on Earth but quickly evolved into human forms in just under two incarnations.

As fascinating as that sounds, there is more. The other federations out there felt that this federation had violated the free will of the Kadek civilizations by bringing them to Earth in the manor that it was accomplished. It seems the local federation had to place the souls into transport vessels, meaning themselves, to then affect travel via thought transfer to bring them to Earth. That was considered a violation of free will by the other federations, but of course, our local federation disagreed. So, for the guardian ET's, preventing us from destroying our biosphere is better than the consequences of doing nothing. They will interfere in that case.

Back to the original question. If the ET's tell one person or dozens of people what is about to happen, who then in turn announce it to the world, then each individual person hearing it has the right to accept it or reject it and act accordingly. Our free will is not violated.

On the other hand, if ships a mile in diameter just appeared over the capital city of every country on the planet and hung out for days, then each person's decision to accept it or reject it is taken away and those not able (or willing) to handle it would literally flip out and commit suicide or go insane. The intentional violation of our free will, the resulting calamity, and the karmic ramifications would fall directly on the ET's. The ET's have learned from past experiences that this cannot and will not happen unless they are first invited, and also every person is "willing" for that to happen in advance.

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