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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

This will be an interesting poll but personally I would like to see a choice between 'satisfactory' and 'stinking'.

Isn't it always the give someone a choice and they wants more lol.

At the moment there lacks any real direction. Its a mass of too many different things from the highly spiritual to the completely mundane.

Whether true or not, it feels like Camelot is yesterdays forum and Avalon is todays so I rarely visit Camelot any more.

I was dismayed to read criticism about Avalon on another forum for being too 'doom and gloom', but these are difficult times and jollying up the forum just for the sake of it would be wrong too.

I would like to see more concerted efforts in getting people to meet each other outside of the forum and to compare notes. I know it has happened but it could be promoted more.

It would be nice if a moderator, acting as a kind of agent of Bill and Kerrys, could get involved too maybe with some helpful guidance from them to help get things going.
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