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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

I only come to find interesting information and rarely partake in discussions.

I feel that there are members who genuinely care about where the world is going and would like to see things get better.

And then there are those who want nothing more than to discredit ideas and/or beliefs. Also, I feel that there are a few "boys who cry wolves", or however one would describe them, that enjoy posting fictional stories just to laugh, behind the scenes, at the response they get.

Criticism is not an attractive force and I feel that has repelled many intelligent ideas.

And there are those that take this stuff way too seriously, and preach that we're all going to hell. Saying it plainly.

My stand is everything in moderation. The world will never be a perfect place. It was never meant to be. If it were then we wouldn't be born with needs, i.e. food and shelter. There will always be war over who has what (material objects, information, etc.). There will always be competition amongst the people of the world. So many have the need to better than someone else.

It becomes extremely difficult to enjoy the life you are living when you are focusing on things of which you have no control. You can only control how you feel and respond to the things around you.

The truth is we as humans will never have the whole story. There are an infinite amount of perspectives to every story and it is impossible for someone to understand anothers point of view completely.
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