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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

And I don't disagree with you - there are negative people in all walks of life who gain some kind of satisfaction from making waves. Personally, I'm not altogether convinced that's a soul mission - just an unhappy, negative person. I've lived long enough to meet a few.

But - what you say Artycarl kind of supports my view that it is down to an individual's interpretation of what a 'dis-info' agent may be. Let's perhaps be clear about that before we decide it's someone who seems to be friendly.

What exists on here are a collection of views. To some those views will appear to resonate, to others they will do the opposite. The comments will therefore reflect the myriad views. Why does that have to be 'dis-info'????

It wouldn't be fair of me to take this one issue and change the general direction that the moderators are aiming for, so I won't waffle on.
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