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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

There are some statements that I disagree with that have been posted about this topic.

I believe there is a gap in realizing the relevance about politics by those that are not from the states. Although, political processes in the states are stolen, we are still passionately connected to the political process. For example to not speak of politics means to not talk about Gary McKinnon.

The united states waited till the extradition law existed before they started to bring him here. That is call "Ex Post Facto" a prohibition by our Constitution. In America, politics has historically been participatory. It is politics that is hiding the UFOs. It is politics that is hiding free energy. It is politics that is taking the worlds freedoms away. It is politics that is trying take the internet down. It is through politics that the robber barons steal from us all. It is unfortunately politics ad nauseum in an election year.

We then must remember this forum started very near the election process peaking in the states. The political statements of those in this forum are a natural manifestation of what is transpiring in the lives of Americans at this moment. AND the repercussions are going to be felt over the entire world. Whether "Americans" really do make the difference via voting is not what I'm talking about. The point is that it is a presidential election this year and the forum was started right before elections and that is on the minds of the people in the states, and the world for that matter.

In the meantime there are many different approaches to problems and everyone thinks their approach is worth voicing. New age thinkers say the answer to the problem is manifesting ones destiny. Others say we must not speak of evil that is fearmongering. A political activist is going to say the answer is changing the policies . An activist is going to say it is full disclosure.

All these type of people are on this forum persuading others to believe them. Yet it is important we realize that all these type of people exist and it is what it is. There will eventually be groupings in the forum and they will manifest what they want to do regardless of what the other groups want.

The bottom line will be how Bill and Kerry massage the forum to fit the goals they want to accomplish.

One of the massage techniques may be to make it subscriber based. That will IMHO remove those that see it as an adjunct activity. In the meantime nformation is being posted in Camelot freely.

Certainly the main goal, meeting up with like minded and preparing, is going to at least cost folks some gas money. And if there isn't enough interest they just won't spend that money. If they were to go subscription based, the tone of the forum would actually become more focussed. It is my opinion that charging is one way of putting the responsibility of "connecting with other like minded" in the hands of those willing to pay for it.

Thanks for asking.
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