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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

It's all a matter of balance in my opinion-i think to try and stay bouyant whilst being objective i feel people on here balance each other out; -i don't post much on the spiritual side but i do read alot of it-i post on ufology/news/what does it mean etc. and anything that i feel needs to be read (not necessarily believed and taken as 'gospel') but understood with an open mind.People shouldn't just jump straight out of their clothes and attack a posting when it's there to be read; hopefully it encourages other research and expansion of information to be posted back.I do find in instances that some people who've negatively vibed some postings have hardly posted themselves;i do find this to be a little annoying when they aren't sticking their necks out themselves but very eager to attack someone who has!!.Apart from that -balance-read from both sides, camelot and avalon and do your own research in between and try and look for alternative news sites etc.There's no competition on here;it's about freely given information that is mostly suppressed in mainstream and sharing it as much as learning from info.that everyone posts,differentiate don't attack.
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