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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Wow! Gosh! I go along with most of the replies. I get the feeling that now that the initial excitement has worn off, the forum seems to have lost its way amongst the plethora of "you're wrong and I'm right" postings.

A bit like a boy-meets-girl situation. At first they can't keep their hands off each other. At this stage, passion is like a blazing fire that no amount of water could extiguish. As this passion dies down, the fire will either go out, or it will settle down to a nice warm glow of embers.

Like some relationships, the Avalon forum will have its ups and downs but these will eventually get sorted out as we all get to understand each other better. So don't let yourself get diverted from the aim of Avalon, let's all work towards tolerance for the opinion of others - provided that opinion is not contrary to the positive direction we are all striving for.

The observation was made many years ago that Rome wasn't built up in a day, but it was burnt down in one. Remember, you had to be able to walk before you could run and before walking, you first had to learn to crawl. How old is this forum? Give it a chance to prove itself.
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