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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Originally Posted by 2infinityandbeyond View Post

We all know what religious and political discussions do, the divide us right down the middle. And its not just that, i see a lot of bashing going on. It happens on different levels, and sometimes it doesnt seem that conspicious at first but the end results can be very destructive.

To the guy who asked me wheres my evidence, im only giving you my observation of the forum. The evidence is everywhere if you look, and besides i dont wish to start naming names or singling out threads because that would just cause trouble.
I agree entirely-when posts are made sometimes i feel a sense of "is someone going to have another dig at this one now!!" type of feeling and i/we shouldn't feel like this (as we don't have to search and give info. we find-it's freely given)-members should be a little more constructive with comment rather than downright rude with nothing to back themselves up;this forum is supposed to be about enlightenment not base behaviour-i think enlightenment is mostly encouraged here but there are always the 'know alls' who don't post much but attack vehemently when someone else sticks their necks out.I've made a few comments on this when i've witnessed 'attacks' on unsuspecting posters that are just providing info. from their angle.If there are disagreements which there always will be (human nature) then i think it's better to discuss politely and intelligently; always provide encouragement to the poster whilst maintaining/providing your own opinions and researches on the matter at hand-dead easy but too difficult for some it appears.Anyhow my rant for the day!LOL.
Keep posting everyone and be beautiful.
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