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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Originally Posted by Elephant Man View Post
Agreed. This saves me a lot of writing but will add that I personally cannot see why all the political threads are here. this was never meant to be a political forum, but it seems as though "free speech" means anything can be posted and accepted. I am generally against censorship, but really dont feel that politics belong here, we might as well start discussing sport. Now I am aware that people will say that politics affects the world situation etc... but what was the true purpose of Avalon? To unite in finding our way forward or something along those lines. Obama/mccain bashing does not fit in here and the continual negative political threads ar nothing but intentional trouble making. You wanna plug a politician or bash a politician? go elsewhere!

other than that little beef, rock on

Agree with you on the political threads. There are too many of them here and certain users do nothing but post them without contributing much else.
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