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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Kerry, Bill, Colin, Moderators and Avalon members;
While many here at Avalon may not have the experiences of forums that many of us
"old timers" do, this needs to be said! From having operated and moderated several
forums the methodologies and tactics being used here are the very ones that will tear this
forum apart. Which is exactly what is happening. Are we to think that this is being done
for a reason? What are your posters and readers thinking? Obviously, you are trying to
find out.

Those of us "old timers" to the forums are just shaking our heads and sighing over what
has been done here. Obviously someone forgot to read the "Forums, How to Manage
One." instructions that are all over the net. It causes many to ask just whose advice is
being followed on how to run the forum? And, why?

It looks like about two thirds of the readers and posters have left. We have to ask why?
There were some great minds that first came to this forum and they are gone now. I am
not talking about the "stars of the show", but about those that had something constructive
to add in the way of thoughts and ideas.

Personally I am here now just to watch what happens next, to answer any questions
concerning the research Gale, I, and others have done, and to try and help people keep a
level head in their responses. There are many of us that hope this will all work it's way
through and help the people waking up.

Norval L. Cunningham
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