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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

It it not surprising that in asking how we feel about the forum you would get a manifestation of what is going on in the forum ....
Originally Posted by gordon View Post
Why would I be upset? it isn't my fault that certain people can not stop attacking me for no reason at all.
It is precisely this type of energy that brings a 'negative' influence into the forums.

Is it wrong? No, it is life. This forum depicts not only what is going on in the world but also what is going on with each and every life on the forum.

The positive and negative, to navigate through. Choosing what we can spiritually discern as "ours" or not and to use this energy to practice detaching ourselves from it emotionally. I believe we will have much negativity in the world in the very near future.

First things first.

Gordon, what has you feeling "attacked" is what YOU are putting out there. You obviously do not see this as it remains in your shadow. Look into your victim archetype. You victimize others, eliciting a response from them, so you, your ego, can 'be right' about being attacked by others, again feeling victimized. You do not see that you are creating this yourself; a never ending merry-go-round of upset and turmoil.

Until you are responsible for what you create, you will be stuck within its confining walls of resentment.

What I hear is someone who is angry and wants attention by taking it out on the world. Underneath your anger is fear. Only you know or can access where this fear is coming from by going into the darkest recesses of your soul.

There are people here willing to love you, don't be afraid.

What we all need to realize is who is doing the posting on here is our ego's. Some have a predominant ego, others are more in tune with their spiritual selves which reflects that in their understanding. Most of us are in somewhere in between, many have hurt egos who are resigned to hurting others to feel better.

I would suggest to all those who feel the need to negate others to use the forum as a tool to get in touch with your deepest emotions as a way to uncover ALL THAT IS NOT YOU. Consequently, finding who you are.

This is the quickest and surest way to help the world. As you uncover all that is not you, you help the collective uncover their own, as in the 100th monkey syndrome. It always begins WITH YOU and ends with you, as we are all each other.

Gordon you are an aspect of all of us who is hurt and angry. As an aspect of all of us you can find your healing from within yourself and within our collective whole.

And that, my dear friend, is up to you.

Herein lies our transformation as a whole.

So to answer the question,yes, I feel the forum is a valuable asset in one's life as a teaching/learning tool and a place to make like-minded friends.
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