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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

["AGREED ! I'd also add that I wouldn't like to be in B&K's shoes right now because this forum must be so NOT what they anticipated. Ultimately it's got to be a choice between exclusivity or heavy policing. - The problems of running things don't change much, do they?"] -NORMAN

This forum is basically a microcosmic societal study that directly reflects the dynamics of society as a whole... not too mention the social dynamics that will quickly manifest in any given "ground crew" habitat.

I believe that the issues/dynamics raised within this forum will help address issues/dynamics that will rise in ground crew communities...

There will be love, yet fear. "helping hands" yet competition... compassion yet ego struggles.... a "leader-class" will probably have to emerge to combat self defeating infighting due to experiential levels (and their related personality types) in various fields; including weapon, health, infrastructure, spiritual specialists.

This forum is priceless in revealing/predicting the inevitable psycho/social dynamics of proposed ground crew habitats... and how to ameliorate various conflicts. There are no easy, external answers to these problems.

One may quickly find oneself dealing with issues that the "illuminati" ruling class has been dealing with for millenia (without the Luciferian slant, though).

Nothing is as easy as it seems when tools, weapons and egos are involved.

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