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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

i agree with the the truth shallsetyoufree and mr phi (as usual ,heh)

this forum is a different animal than it was during its inception.
mr phi's cartoon depicts the nature of the dichotomy here quite well.

there are some very spiritual smart savvy wise and informed people here and there are many more people who are none of those things.

the best one can hope for is to peruse the threads and look under "new posts" and hope theres some interesting info or a good discussion happening.

it IS a microcosm of what youd get in a physical groundcrew, though i do think people are a bit more respectful in person and certain info is more easily seen as false when you see whos delivering it.

i dont come here as much , except occasionaly and ive found to be just as enlightening

and the forums at

to be good as well.

the one thing that bugs me a bit at camelot/avalon is that alarmist negative reports get so much attention.

st clair and wilcock both said that october wouldnt be as nutty as everyone was predicting (yes the financial turmoil is huge but not life wrecking for most of us)

look at the doom and gloomers who got all the attention
"hawkeye" who said america would be brought to its knees in early october and that there probably wouldnt even be an election, and of course dr deagle's prophet of the most high god of imminent nuclear war as well as george green. halfpast human's report got blown out of proportion as well with most people thinking total economic collapse would happen in october.---the fact is the election is tomorrow and most of us still have jobs and my coffee is still $2.oo.....and while that might not always be the case, fretting and getting worked up over "prophets" visions or "insiders" testimony of the "roths" destroying us, just plays into the fear game.

bill and kerry seem to be stuck between letting go and just letting their spirit guide them and know that this is all illusion and transition....and holing up underground like the military with hydroponics and being glad that they have money to separate them from the fates of the masses.

IMO camelot/avalon unfortunately caters to the inner survivalist/fear monger
while at the same time preaching "no fear" spirituality but the fact is apocalyptic visions and speculation gets everyones blood pumping, and calm rational discussion of "probabilites" does not.

the forum reflects all this and more.
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