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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

IMO, I see this Forum as a reflection of the consiousness of the world, the state of the world. Some people are love and light, some are passive, some are aggressive, some are evil. I truly believe it is true that we as a species are just not "there yet". This Forum, at times, is proof of that. It does not, however, deter me from visiting. I'm here as an observer, and every now and then if I get something positive out of something I observe I'll participate and post my feelings. I use this place as a gage to where the human race is in it's evolving of consciousness. A learning tool. I appreciate it and everything everyone has to say- good or bad. Because until we can rise above and realize maybe we are all One, I'll continue to come here and 'gage' how we are doing...
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