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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Mr. Kent,

I dont think Im taking it out context,when you infer that Bill and Kerry are going "hydroponic" selling out

I personally know some very good people that are "above ground and underground" that are VERY respectful citizens.
I think it was a cheap shot to infer that they sold out.Im sure I misunderstood.
I have been reading Nexus for YEARS.I dont agree with all their conclusions and synopsis. Ummm But.. They've been very correct, more then incorrect,in so many areas,that Im proud to know Ive read it there first.
If I had a choice of who Id go hang with, or be with ,during the next 5 years,
Nexus People,Avalon,Camelot thinkers???Ill ride the Bike that Powers the Reactor.
ummm What can YOU help contribute?
Show me better..
George Greene? Going South....
Wilcox? Staying Put.........
Me? I'm meeting some very helpful people from one of these "Ground Crews"..that want to know........
Do I have communication prepardness that can work without electricity?
Do I have Good seeds to plant?
Do I have extra gasoline to help?
Food? How Long do WE think we should Prepare?
As A Ground Crew recovery area?Where/When do we stop sharing?
How do we decide this?


This is a VERY good tool for just trying to prepare with friends.Not unlike Christians in a church.<<---ex-catholic..more religious now.
I was invited.
I like that.
Looks like Bill and Kerry got invited.. I like that.(Like they WERENT)
I will do what I can to help my Bruthaasss.(Like I would'nt.)
All you people that want to find reasons to create misinformation or not share help the rest of us.. Go Ahead.
We'll be here.

I believe the Ground Crew is an expanding opportunity for us to Grow.

Thanks for being a part I like It.
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