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Originally Posted by shybastid View Post
K Ill shut up.............

But Its Snowing and Lightning up here in Tahoe.Winds HOWLING

Hope... I hit a Chord

Feels right

im not attempting a "cheap shot" im merely referring to the "survival" tone of an "ark" and all that that implies... the elite of the world are doing much the same thing and they have the money to do it as well....good for them, good for bill, im not saying its bad.

there are two ways to go about dealing with whats coming, you can be very attached to this material 3D world and try and hold on with all your might and you funds and do everything to figure out the best way to "survive"

or you follow your intuition to where it tells you you need to be, for some that means staying put, for others that means moving to a small town.

if micheal st clair and bill or kerry have the funds and connections to live in a underground/above ground community 'radiant zones" with hydroponics scientists, farmers and people with a lot of gold then good for them. personally for me if i get demolished by a tsunami because i didnt do my homework on the perfect safe place, then oh well...thats what i was meant to do.

i DO think that they tend to veer towards a more materialistic survival alarmist mind set, but thats their choice and i dont have to vibe with it, they present some good material and i take what resonates with me, thats all.

if thats a "cheap shot", ok, i dont think so but if that works for you go for it.
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