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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Avalon could be so much more than it is currently.

What I envision is Camelot and Avalon, the open forums as you have now, plus an educational area which might be comprised of a classroom and library/ research complex.
This value added area might be by subscription. It might be a blogging area for research results. There might be
libraries to download and classroom offerings by qualified
individuals. Ham Radio, for example. These areas by their
nature could not be open to drive by commentary. They would need tight decorum as one would expect in a classroom or library.

Too much to ask? The stub is already there in the research section of the moderator area. Undeveloped real estate. Certainly too much to ask for those who
are only here to be entertained or kill time. How many of you actually intend to build a wind generator, buy a
ham radio, or really store food, One in ten? One in a hundred? If your local society really does go Argentina,
there is no doubt you would suddenly be serious. Seriously out of luck. Like those beating on the door of
Noah's ark after the rains began.

There are other forums where this is happening. Some of the better ones you will never see the inside of.
Alpha Rubicon, for example Rubies earn their keep.
Another Voice of Warning. Gotta pay to peep...
Frugal Squirrel is a good one.

But Avalon trumps them all in size and reach if you the
Avalon public can get your you know what together.

Action talks. IMHO....