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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
I sense that the vibe of Avalon is getting low.
I am concerned.
But, I could be wrong and
that is where you come in.
I believe that communication is the key
and maybe we can get to the source of the issues.
Feel free to express any concerns that you
may have about this Forum.
How can we make Avalon a better
experience for you?

Also, don't forget to participate
in the Poll. We need to know how you
feel about this forum.

This thread was created not to cause debates
but to get answers on how you are feeling about Avalon
and what your goals are in being here.
And if those goals are being fulfilled.

If the Forum turns out to be doing well,
then that is good news.

Kevin - Project Avalon Spiritual Mediator
My 2 cents the moderators need to learn how to moderate. They need to know basic forum rules, and then Avalon site rules. Then FOLLOW them. Bill and Kerry may need to pay web geeks to moderate to get some uniform on this site. I've been on forums for 5 years and the moderation here is sub par.

Also the screen I'm writing on is black and if you need to make a correction you can't see the mouse to click on the correction. Screen behind the quote box needs to be a different color.

p.s. Thank you Bill and Kerry for all the help on Camelot.
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