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Default Re: Getting the most out of a vegetarian diet

i figured i wouldn't start a new thread with this but i am considering, as i'm sure many here already have done, taking meat out of my diet. everytime i eat a hamburger all i can think about is the animal who sacrificed his life for my meal and how there was just no need for it. also, whenever i eat meat i can feel this giant knot in my stomach for hours after, like my body isn't enjoying the process of digesting it. i was wondering if anyone could share their process of giving up meat. im not going to go cold turkey (cow, pig, or chicken either) so as to give my body time to acclimate, but i will be eating less and less of it until i finally just cut it off all together. i see no reason to give up dairy as the animal doesn't have to sacrifice much there, of course it will be thanked for its efforts.

i also have a question on plants. when they sacrifice their life for us, how is the process different from animals? do they enjoy the process of becoming one with humans?
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