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Default Re: Getting the most out of a vegetarian diet

Originally Posted by pineal-pilot-in merkabah View Post
i read a few articles about soy being a brain exito toxin? also soy is almost impossible to get from non gmo sources, alpro claims to be non gmo. i havnt eaten meat since 2000. i am willing to trap rabbits ect if shtf in a big way. i think i can survive on bare minimum anyway so prob dont need a balanced diet or meat. i think its more a consciousness thing.

i am thinking of trying sun gazing but living a nato country almot i ;ossible to do due to heavy chem traling.
Any soy product that is not fermented is vile and not fit for humans. The body of work is very solid. Do not eat soy. Soy milk? Gag, it is truly poison.
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