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Default any clue about a dino - reptile - connection?

i am wondering if there is a historical connection between the dinos on our planet. which lived at least millons of years on our planet and the reptilian race, which is said, invaded here long ago.

could it be possible that we, as far as i know we (the human race) came from vega, are the refugees ?

if the reptilians think tey hav aright of residence on this planet, because of itīs dino history and we are their slaves and yummy food sometimes.

when and were is the disclosure?

i have heard that humanoids lived at the same time with the dinos?!
mayby also the reptiles?

what do we know about this old history?

has anyone heard about this possibility?

this is a pure historical/scientific question.
no fear no OMG!

and sorry for my englisch.

looking forward for answers
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