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Default Re: Germans in Ecuador

Hello LaRosa

Just curious....

This evening while having the TV on, there was a program which was featuring a part of Peru whereby many children in this particular area were being poisoned by heavy metals (lead) from an extremely large industrial plant of some sort...they died, and I mean too many children!!!I only came into the program close the end of it , but did get my attention...
(Do you know the plant that they were refering to? if not, you may want to check it out )
Many mothers were featured that were either complaining to the company and many others whom would come to protest because the company pays quite well. And they said that those working in the plant would rather get payed well, versus their health

From what i could see, it is near a larger river, and dumping may be one of the indicators....

I just was under the impression that Peru would of been quite a safe place in regards to the high toxic levels....

Do you know of any of this ?

I would like to hear your reply...

Also, i did click on your link , you have a beautiful place, and I hope I can come out someday soon and visit,



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