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Angry Re: Anti-everything

I agree. What we call civilization is not civilized at all.

If you're interested, the BBC made a documentary some years ago: The Secret of El Dorado.
New evidence that advanced societies flourished in the Amazon Basin before the arrival of Europeans It was the most notorious wild-goose chase in history: the Conquistadors' search for El Dorado, a fabulous kingdom of gold that Indians said lay hidden in the jungles of the Amazon Basin. But now, at last, archaeologists have uncovered the truth behind that myth. They have found evidence of a huge society, as advanced as the Egyptians or the Incas, right in the heart of the rainforest. And this is more than the story of a lost world rediscovered. For it seems that the people of the real El Dorado possessed a secret with the power to transform our world and their secret in the soil could be the solution to solving famine in the third world and other nations once and for all....

What I find very remarkable in this story is the fact, when they disappeared, they left no traces at all. After only 50 years, all traces are gone.
For me, that's evidence of real civilization. A few million people, for some centuries living from or within the forest, without destroying it, and even not leaving any traces when they disappear.

I was brought up with the motion, if you borrow something from someone, you should return it at least in the same way you've got it, and even better, in a better state (cleaned up, or whatever makes it better).

We so called civilized people managed to nearly destroy everything there is on earth. And if we'd vanish for some reason, we would leave the earth with ugly scars and wounds that would not cure in the first coming centuries. Just think about all the nuclear factories (energy centrals ? how do you put this in english?) There are a 500 of them. Then you have all the nuclear waste storage places. And as you know, we now use nuclear products in our weapons. If people would vanish, all those nuclear places would become like ulcers on mother earth's body. And I am just talking about the nuclear problems. There are also chemical issues and many other things. What we did, is rape the earth in every way we could think of, as if we want her to die as soon as possible.

Some say we are here on earth in this life as a form of punishment. We are fallen angels or something like that. Well, earth seems to be a too nice prison for criminals like we are.

Ok, ok. I am exagerating now, my words are full of hate, without any nuances. But, are you so proud of what we have done and still are doing each day?
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