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this is a valid question

ive read "the story of B" by mr quinn as well.

MOST our pain and suffering comes from the ills of "civilizaton"
homo sapiens lived for much longer than civilized/town/nationstate has been around and that includes atlantis/lenmuria 12,000 or so years ago.

for thousands upon thousands of years tribes living in balance with the earth existed. they didnt keep food under lock and key, they werent wage slaves, they respected and used the environment in balance. some are still around today, and guess what, theyll be around after a pole shift too.

its a shame most historians just write them off as "simple" and teach about when history REALLY "started". its more like the history of us being born into slavery of kings and rulers.

perhaps we can be a "global tribe" but its going to take some serious work.
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