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Default Re: Looking For Crystals

Hi, reZak -

I'd also suggest you search for "quartz crystals" in the "Collectible" category - then refine the search to "Crystals & Mineral Specimens" under "Rocks, Fossils & Minerals" found in "Collectibles".

Next, arrange what you find by "price: highest first" (don't worry; it's only a sorting method...) and with these nice museum pieces - voila! - you'll find the names of some very, very good reliable sellers in Brazil and the U.S. with high quality stock who will ship internationally - and also stock smaller items you might want - and be able to afford!

Browse the other stuff in these dealers' eBay stores - and even email them directly to ask them about exactly what you're looking for. They'll understand. Even if it's not on the website, they may have it in their store.

And don't be afraid of eBay - it's a wonderful way to find good suppliers. You'd be surprised at what you can find there....

All best wishes,
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