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Default Re: Vaccines - The True Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dr. Carley says watch The Stand and I am Legend for virus scenarios in the movies.
Her shows, What's Ailing America are located at (there is a fee involved)
Oct 18, 2007 she spends 2 hours covering The Big Picture
Nov 1, 2007 - 2hrs. - she covers her 3 diagrams you can find at and you can also find this one on youtube.

At # 5 I started taking a few more notes.
Covers toxicity of fluoride, chlorine, plastics and pesticides.
Pesticide chemicals were originally developed to kill people.
Dr. Patricia Jordan, who covers damage to pets from vaccines, was on Carley's show 2x last May.
#8 Xrays stay in your body for the rest of your life - limit Xray exposure
Mammograms - xrays cause cancer and squishing the breast into a pancake breaks open cancer tumors and spread the cancer.
#9 Cancer, immune system, the bovine growth hormone in milk makes cancers grow, and then there is the bovine leukemia virus.
More later
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