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Default Re: Can clouds predict earthquakes-can be a life saver!

I'm glad to see the science to back up my intuition. I dowsed several questions about New Madrid/Appalachia Mountains over the past couple of days. I asked if we would get a major quake, and got "yes"
within the next months: "yes"
should we prepare to live outdoors for at least a month: "yes"
(I live in N. Georgia foothills by the way)

after that, the answers became difficult to discern as I got into detailed questions that may not yet be knowable by my watchers.

Not telling anyone to panic here, but I feel better having notified people. We all know the preparations we can do, so it wouldn't hurt to put the tent and survival kit in the trunk of your car and leave it parked outside, away from buildings, with key handy. Can't hurt. I surely hope I am wrong, and that you all can tell me in a couple of years I am a "quake paranoid." That would be lovely. I would love the embarrassment of unloading my "kit" and putting everything away. That would be so fine. At least the worst of the cold weather is over, right? Right?
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