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Default Re: Everyone should watch this...

Thank you recallone,
Thank you for your clarifications.

The “school” I was talking about is more like this: I will be submitted to circumstances and I have to find the answers myself, from within.

Personally I think, In a way that everyone is forcing the type of school onto themselves, from a spiritual level.
For example: I want to experience true love, this sounds easy, some simple words, and it is my inner wish.
If we use “the emotional scale” I find out for example, that I am jealous.
To get rid of the jealousy, I have to make it conscious to me, and then the jealousy disappears, but I have to substitute it with love instead.
And “my experience world” is giving me the possibilities to solve this problem.

About “If you're neutral about the victimization of thousands of innocents, then you must be a monster!”:
If neutral means the same as, to observe without fear feelings, I agree.

But in a situation, that I can change to something positive, by being brave.
And if I don't act, then I think it is cowardice and it is not “something pure higher”.
For example:
I come to a place and three people are handle, a kind and innocent person that you know, very roughly.
There are some possibilities of action:
Look the other way and silent move away from this place.
Shout to them: “Shame on you”, in a strong voice, and see if that works.
Shout to them, and tell the attackers, to leave, of course they attack you instead, and then you tell them: “You will probably kill me, but I will probably kill one of you.” in a strong voice.

So, I have a question to everybody: What is the right thing to do?

Comments very appreciated
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