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Default Re: Free Energy Devices not good for Environment

With due respect I disagree . I think that "free energy is good for mankind " and Mr Greer in my opinion is disinfo agent .
Why would the PTB go to the extent of killing or derailing the career of "free energY " inventors and scientists ? We are not talking of one of two people but many, many people .
The good doctor believes in the
statements below :
1) The notion that we human are quarantined .
2) The goverment has not had interaction with the Aliens .
3) We have no proof that the Aliens are evils .

The reality is
1) We are not quarantined , it is only BS to squash the rumours that there
is an active space progarmme with bases on the Moon an Mars .
2) The government of the USA signed a treaty with the Aliens in 1954 .
Read " Behold a Pale Horse " - By William Milton Cooper .-Light
Technology Publishing
3) There have been Hundred of thousand of people Kidnapped and
implanted by the Aliens and there are even now cattle mutilations
prooving that at least some aliens are malevolent .
4) The good doctor to me is a gatekeeper of new technology , it sounds to
me a delaying tactics . The NWO would hate some new energy devices
come out and bankrupt the OIL companies and the Banks .

By now I worked out the tactics of the controllers and spies . Here it goes :

1) Create a hero of "disclosure " by allowing testimonies of relative minor importance out to the public .
2) Nothing happens for years and then
3) The disinformation starts .

Luckily today we have ways of cross checking information with other wistleblowers .

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